Fondion × Talenom -integration

Fondion and Talenom have integration for sales invoicing, purchase invoicing, and payroll. The integration enables your company to have a Talenom customer account and the best tool for daily operational activities, such as cost calculation.

Integrate Talenom with Fondion

Save time and money

Customers and projects

Fondion serves as the master in customer and project registers. When a new customer and project are created in Fondion, Fondion establishes the customer and project in Talenom. This way, customers do not need to be created separately in both Fondion and Talenom.

No adding clients and projects to multiple systems
Same data in both systems
No duplicates in the customer and project register

Sales Invoicing

Fondion generates all sales invoices, whether it's lump sum billing, milestone billing, unit pricing, or a combination of these. When the "send" button is pressed in Fondion, customer details, project number, project name, possible cost center, billing information, references, and invoice lines are transferred across the interface.

Creating a sales invoice is really fast
No manual data compilation for the sales invoice
Data automatically transferred to accounting

Purchase invoices

Fondion fetches invoices from Talenom. Project allocation of purchase invoices (and, if necessary, allocation) is managed in Fondion. Purchase invoice lines are automatically transferred to the responsible person for the project for review. After review, the purchase invoice is forwarded to the company personnel authorized to approve purchase invoices. Once approved, the purchase invoice, enriched with data, is transferred to Talenom, where it is processed for payment on the due date and automatically recorded in the accounting system.

Only one system for processing purchase invoices
Automation for invoice routing
Data automatically entered into accounting


Fondion automatically generates payroll data from both time entries and absences, including vacations and leaves. Additionally, Fondion can be configured to automatically add supplements such as meal allowances, tool reimbursements, or other bonuses to the payroll dataset. This automation can be customized for each individual, allowing for varying configurations.

No more manual data compilation
The automation in the background calculates additional items into the payroll dataset
The interface provides information to the payroll processor

Customers and Projects

Clients and projects are created in Fondion
Automatic data synchronization with Talenom

Sales invoices

Fondion generates sales invoices, and they are transferred to Talenom with attachments
The sales invoice is automatically sent to the customer from Talenom

Purchase invoices

Fondion retrieves purchase invoices from Talenom (including project allocation, inspection, and approval)
The purchase invoice is automatically paid from Talenom


The work hours and absence entries made in Fondion are compiled into payroll data
The payroll data is transferred to Talenom via the interface

Benefits of the Fondion × Talenom -integration

Add clients and projects only once

Customers and projects don't need to be added to two separate systems; only once to Fondion.

Automatic formation of payroll data

Fondion automatically generates payroll data from time and absence entries. The payroll data also includes meal allowances, daily allowances, and other compensations for employees.

Automatic generation of sales invoices

Forget about manual creation of sales invoices, as in Fondion, this can be done with just a press of a button after selecting the billable items.

Approval and verification of purchase invoices

Purchase invoice lines are automatically transferred for review to project managers, eliminating the need for anyone to manually move invoices to, for example, a recycling list or select the recycling list for the purchase invoice. The purchase invoice is then moved for approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the integration cost separately for the company?

Fondion does not charge the company separately for the integration; it is included in the core version.

Does the customer need to be added separately to Fondion and Talenom?

No need. Fondion automatically sets up new customers in Talenom.

Does the sales invoice need to be sent separately from Talenom?

Ei tarvitse. Fondion antaa Talenomille suoraan lähetys-käskyn, jolloin ainoastaan Fondionissa klikataan “Lähetä”-nappia. Myyntilasku siirtyy myös kirjanpitoon automaattisesti.

Does the customer's and project's information automatically transfer to the accounting system when the sales invoice is sent?

Yes. If the customer is not found in Talenom before sending the sales invoice, Fondion creates the customer and project in Talenom.

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